The story of us

We're a close team of CBD enthusiasts based in New Zealand and Missouri.

Our mission

We're a team of writers with a few key commonalities: positive experiences with hemp products, a passion for the cutting edge of science, and a drive to make the world a better place through evidence-backed content.

We can't do what we do alone. Our readers and our sponsors make it all possible. Please, if you come across new information not reflected on our site, send it our way.

"Physiologically should it work? Absolutely. In case studies, you see it working anecdotally. Are there clinical trials to prove that? Absolutely not, because of the current policy."

- Trent jones, Retired Indiana Chiropractor turned hemp farmer

A Brighter future

What drives us? Our belief in CBD. We've experienced the purported benefits for ourselves. A vast number of people all over the world report similar experiences.

Scientific studies were stunted by past regulations, but there is so much to explore. We're here for the ride.